A New Pay Benefit for You and Your Talent

Introducing Fuego on-Demand Pay, From the Creators of HotSchedules

The challenge to retain talent has never been more acute. How can you find cost-effective benefits that convince employees to stick around?

Fuego On-Demand Pay, from the creators of HotSchedules, provides a solution. As an Earned Wage Access (EWA) platform tailored to service industries, your hourly workers can receive pay that they have already earned — before regularly scheduled paydays.

This innovative offering empowers your workforce to take control of their finances without any risk to you. And what’s unique about Fuego is that it integrates seamlessly with HotSchedules and comes at no cost to implement for your business.

Attract, hire and retain your talent with Fuego On-Demand Pay, a new benefit that you can offer to your employees.


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