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Fuego Visa® Card Cardholder Agreement

This Cardholder Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions under which Central Bank of Kansas City (“CBKC” or “Issuer”) has issued the Fuego Visa® Card to you.

Fuego Visa® Card Fee Schedule

List of all fees for Fuego Visa® Card.

Fuego Employee Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of the Fuego Earned Wage Access Services.

Fuego Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Fourth Enterprises, LLC, Fourth Ltd., Fourth USA Inc., and their affiliates (collectively, “Fourth”, “we” or “us”). This privacy policy (“Policy”) details how Fourth collects, uses, stores, shares, and processes personal information when you use Fourth products or services, including its websites, mobile applications, social media pages, support, and other offerings that link to this Policy (collectively “Services”).

Fuego Política de Privacidad (Fuego Privacy Policy en Espanol)

Su privacidad es importante para Fourth Enterprises, LLC, Fourth Ltd., Fourth USA Inc. y sus afiliadas (en conjunto, “Fourth”, “nosotros” o “nos”). Esta política de privacidad (“Política”) detalla cómo Fourth recopila, utiliza, almacena, comparte y procesa información personal cuando usted utiliza los productos o servicios de Fourth, incluidos sus sitios web, aplicaciones móviles, páginas de redes sociales, soporte y otras ofertas que se vinculan con esta Política (en conjunto, “Servicios”).

Account Deletion Policy

This article will explain the account deletion policy for Fuego and some insight into account deletion and Card closure frequently asked questions covering what this means for Fuego App account and Fuego Visa® Cardholders.

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