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Take Charge of Your Paycheck

Take Charge of Your Paycheck

You work hard every day for your money. So why does payday only come once every couple weeks?

Because that’s how it’s always been. And it doesn’t keep up with the modern hustle.

The thing is, no one needs to know why you want your money early. Surprise bills, new clothes, financial planning—that’s your business. At Fuego, our business is giving you a forward-looking view into your earning potential of every shift and on-demand access to your pay.

It’s the hot new way to pay, it’s on-demand pay. It’s Fuego.

Your Financial Future Matters

With Fuego, you get the money-management tools to help you plan for today, next week, and years into the future. Set big goals — and knock them out of the park. Start designing your future, today.

Stay Ahead of Your Finances and on Top of Your Goals

Get the 360 degree view of your money. With Fuego, see what you’ve already earned, view upcoming shifts, and get insight into how much you’ll earn.

Stay Ahead of Your Finances and on Top of Your Goals
Multiple Gigs? Manage It All Under One Fuego Account

Multiple Gigs? Manage It All Under One Fuego Account

Access pay early from multiple employers using the same Fuego login. As long as your employers use Fuego, you can manage as many paychecks as you have earned in one place.

Fuego App for Apple© and Android Devices

On-demand pay is just a download away!

Employee On-Demand Pay FAQs

How does Fuego help your financial health?

Fuego wants to help you get ahead in life. It’s not just about early access to wages, it’s also about your financial health in the long run.

That’s why Fuego gives you access to financial health and wellness articles, and helps you budget, develop savings goals or set goals to pay off potential debt. You can also access your spending history so that you can manage where you spend your money and where you could potentially save.

How long does it take to receive my card?

After you are approved for the Fuego Visa® Card, your virtual card details are available immediately and can manually be added to your digital wallet (Apple©, Google© and Samsung Pay©). Your physical card will arrive by mail in 7 to 10 business days.

How are the draws repaid?

The draw is against earnings for time already worked which are deducted from the payroll and repaid to Fuego by the employer.

How can I check my balance on the card?

You can check your balance 24/7 by checking your Fuego mobile app on your dashboard, or you can reach our customer service team at 1-855-715-8518. You can also check your balance at any MoneyPass® ATM surcharge-free, or any other ATM (fees may apply).

How do I receive my wage draws?

Wage draws to your Fuego Visa® Card are completed in minutes, and are surcharge free. For all other wage draws to your external accounts, Fuego works with payments networks (Visa®, Mastercard) for instant transfers to your external cards, and the ACH network for same day or traditional ACH transfers to your external bank accounts.

Will Fuego work with my existing debit card?

Yes, with the Fuego app you can transfer funds to your existing debit card from almost any financial institution.