Savvy Strategies to Overcoming Labor Shortages

Savvy Strategies to Overcoming Labor Shortages

American hospitality businesses are coming up on the two-year anniversary of sudden shutdowns. While some recovery has brought improved revenues, major industry-wide labor shortages have hampered operations and guest sentiment.

To overcome these factors, organizations need to take advantage of every opportunity to attract and retain workers through savvy tactics, from an attractive application process to innovative offerings such as on-demand pay.

Attracting Talent

Effective labor management begins weeks before a first shift. Having an engaging and stress-free hiring process attracts more applicants, allowing managers to find the best candidates of the labor pool. With the proper applicant tracking system, candidates have a short and engaging application process while AI analyzes submissions, promptly putting the best resumes in front of managers. This saves managers time while helping to fill the missing pieces in your teams in a timely manner.

Once an offer is extended, managers need to emphasize new-hire onboarding to ensure employees are set up for long-term success in their positions. Training throughout the past two years has involved much more trial-by-fire learning than managers would otherwise prefer, but developing short and engaging training materials can partially mitigate this.

Further nurturing skills over the long-term through continued training programs helps ensure even tenured employees have a better understanding of their jobs. Over time, upskilled employees become perfect (and cheaper) candidates for management positions.

Retaining Current Talent

The labor shortage likely has some of your teams in a pinch, and overburdening them with extra responsibilities will only drive further burnout. To keep these employees passionate and engaged, you’ll need to consider making changes to tangible benefits and work-life balance.

To retain burnt-out workers in a tight labor market, you’ll need to think outside the box. Adding traditional benefits may do the trick, but many operators do not have the extra budget to commit to these long-term.

Instead (or in addition), look for effective, easy-to-adopt perks that bolster your labor management and incentivize employees to stay on. Increasing hours for part-time workers, allowing more PTO days, offering paid sick leave, and advanced scheduling notice are just a few examples that employers have adopted to ensure talent remains bought-in.

On-demand pay offers another benefit to your employees, one that eases financial stress through early access to paycheck funds. Since it’s an early withdrawal of funds earned from prior shifts and not a loan, this benefit comes at zero to only minimal cost to employees depending on how the employee withdraws funds.

Fuego On-Demand Pay offers earned wage access – while leveraging Time & Attendance data from commonly used HR & Payroll systems. In addition to early paycheck withdrawals, workers with HotSchedules and Fuego can view their clocked shifts to calculate available funds and view earnings potential for upcoming shifts.

Schedule a demo today to see how Fuego can help you retain teams: https://getfuego.com/getdemo/.

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